Preparations for Holiday – formal part :)

Hello Dears!

Today I am gonna write what every travel portal should start with, I mean the proper preparation for journey with Baby. Before you go to exotic countries, you get vaccinated, you buy the proper insurance, you read how to behave in the specific place or you pack everything according to the weather forecast. Baby is exactly like a journey into the unknown. You never know what can happen, that’s why we have to prepare ourselves for any eventuality. I realize, during my voyages with Bibi many things will surprise me. Then I will say what I already know 🙂 I am going to start with (important) formalities and in the next post I will write about packing Baby’s suitcase.

1) Birth Certificate of Baby (preferably multilingual) – Although, during journey, no one has asked me about this document yet, every border guard will confirm, you should have this paper with you. For example, if mom has different surname than father and their child, and she’s travelling with baby by herself, birth certificate can help her dispel any potential doubts of men in uniforms. This document whereas helped me in Greece, when I wanted my Husband to go with us through the passport control in the Schengen queue. 🙂

2) Vaccinations, medical examinations etc. – We can pack everything what needed is, but we all know, that sudden flu or toothache can spoil the best planned trip. The more so with the baby. First thing to do is checking the toddler’s health book, if there aren’t any vaccinations or examinations awaiting. In case you travel out of Europe, it’s good to pay attention, if you have to get vaccinated for diseases in specific country. I can recommend the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention webpage. You can choose your destination and optionally the purpose of your journey (here you can obviously select: Traveling with Children). Furthermore, there’s information about medical preparations and the diseases bothering people such as Zika. On the official website of the World Health Organization you can additionally get to know about International Certificates of Vaccination. Except English version, WHO provides info in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. Visit your doctor approximately one-two months before your holiday.

3) Insurance – If we get the mentioned toothache, we wouldn’t like to spend the rest of holiday with an empty wallet, right? (we need to save some money for diapers) 😉 If you’re a citizen of European Union or EFTA country going to another EU state, usually European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is enough for you and your Children – don’t forget to mention them during application. The official webpage of the European Commission explains very well how to receive the card in every member country and the conditions of use . If you visit non-EU and non-EFTA country, you will need to buy private medical insurance in one insurance- or travel agency in your state of residence. The non-EU citizens travelling to member countries can obtain EHIC only if they’re covered  by  a  state  social  security  scheme  in  any  Member  State of the European Union (for example by employer or spouse).

4) PASSPORTS AND VISAS – I remember, in my very first passport there was a page, where you could add your children under the age of 16 travelling with you (my Friend used to go on holiday with her father on this principle). Nowadays, in most European countries children have to receive their separate travel document (and even babies must be given their own biometric photo). Ask your local passport office about the required documents, but for sure you will need to prepare the Birth Certificate of your Child, their biometric photo, ID documents of both parents and fulfilled application form. If you apply for infant’s travel document, note that their appearance changes very fast. Even though their passport is valid up to 5 years, you will need to make a new one after one-two years.

Note: If you need to apply for visa of the destination country, your Child must receive the separate one – even if the policy of your homeland allows you to add kids into your passport.

5) Pack the suitcase of you and your Toddler properly! This topic deserves a separate entry which will appear soon. See you later! 🙂