Side, Turkey: Voyage Sorgun – hotel’s review

Hello after a New Year!

I complained a bit in the last entry, so here, in turn, I’m gonna admire 🙂

Last October I went with my daughter for a “womanish” break to the „Voyage” hotel in Side. In Antalya province, there was still pretty warm – during the daytime the temperature used to reach 30 degrees. Nights were a bit colder than in summer. Then we shouldn’t be surprised, that  the season in Southern Turkey closes in the middle of November 🙂

„Voyage Hotel” is recommended by the whole family of my Husband. It has its headquarters in various strategic places of the seaside:
Belek (Antalya province);
Bodrum (Muğla province);
Torba (Bodrum, Muğla province);
Türbükü (Goltürbükü, Bodrum, Muğla province);

… and the one I’m gonna write about – VOYAGE SORGUN (Side/Manavgat, Antalya province).


First of all – how to get there?:

For traveling from abroad and those who constantly live in Turkey, I recommend booking a flight to Antalya Airport. In AYT the various Turkish airplanes land, such as Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, OnurAir, Sun Express, Anadolu Jet or Atlas Global. Many foreign airlines use to arrive there as well, for example, Germania, Nordwind Airlines, Norwegian, Singapore Airlines, SAS, Royal Air, etc… If you travel from Poland, you can enter the website of travel offices, such as Rainbow or TUI and choose your charter ticket. Rainbow used to sell tickets just in the season (April-October), but TUI offers charter flights throughout the year.

However, if you live too close to Antalya to get there by airplane, you can take your car or use the popular bus companies, such as Pamukkale and Kamil Koç (unfortunately, the websites are only in Turkish). Sometimes the buses go directly to the hotels (but in this case you need to deal with a driver in advance!).

But after a flight, you need to get from the AYT airport to Side! The journey takes about one hour. It’s hard for me to recommend the best transfer company, but we ordered Kıraç Turizm. Their webpage is led in Turkish, English and German. You can type, how many adults, kids, and also babies will go with you and order a specific amount of car seats. The places are quite convenient, we didn’t have any problems with a lack of space for legs 🙂 In the screenshot below you can see the exemplary prices for each car. In brackets next to the type of transfer, there’s written the maximum amount of passengers to be taken.

screen kıraç

About a hotel…

„Voyage Sorgun” is situated near the beach – 15 minutes by walk from the historical center of Side (or 5 minutes by a special bus taking passengers directly to the hotels). Although, because of their facilities, you don’t even have to exit the hotel, I highly recommend taking one day for walking around. To those, who aren’t enough after Side, I can offer taking minibus which will pick you up to the waterfall in Manavgat. The journey takes around 45 minutes.

Why have I told, you don’t have to exit the hotel while your stay? There’s actually everything, what you need. Let’s start with gastronomy. Here we have:
– the main restaurant with a buffet changing the menu depending on the time of day;
– „Cuisine 24” restaurant opened 24/7 with very friendly staffs (Mr. Ömer is able to speak in virtually any popular language 😀 );
– and other theme restaurants, eg. Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Italian…
Moreover, there’s also confectionery, summer cafe, and a beach bar. The interesting thing is, it doesn’ matter how much you eat or drink. Everything is included in a price (except Japanese restaurant and Steak House).

From the entertainment, there’s a wide choice of swimming pools. You can use also a free gym, hammam, or take a part in fitness classes or aqua aerobic (led by a nice instructor called Eylem). Various events, animations, and concerts are organized. You can find some shops nearby the hotel (but they’re illogically expensive) and a mailbox. You may also take an extra paid massage or order professional photos, eg. with parrots (one digital photo is “just” 20 euro).

The rooms are in a high standard and regularly kept clean. There’re single rooms or family suites available. Each of them has their own toilet, shower, balcony with a table, access to WiFi and TV. Everything in your fridge (unlike in most of the hotels) is included in a price.

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And for children? 

1) Baby cot: The first facility, which should be the minimum in hotels, is the infant bed. A travel cot set by staff is brought to your room up to one hour after arrival. The bedding is kept clean regularly (although the housekeeping staff took my Daughter’s duvet away twice and they forgot to give a new one – so, you’d better keep your eye on it).


2) Serving the table: It doesn’t matter, where you decide to eat your meal with the baby beside – the staff offers a highchair with disposable bibs and wet wipes included. In the main restaurant and „Cuisine 24” you can also take a baby jar with a meal or a dessert. However, as I mentioned in the „Baby shopping in Turkey” article, the choice of those jars is very poor in Turkey. If your child turns one soon, you can choose proper food from the menu of the restaurant. I highly recommend drinking an orange freshly squeezed juice together.


3) Kiddie pools: There are three swimming pools, your Toddler can swim in (with parents) – two outdoor pools and one indoor. The first outdoor one is bigger, divided into two parts. A shallow area is around 30cm deep, and the deeper area is 40cm. Usually, children make their first contacts there sharing toys (or not 🙂 ). Another outdoor pool is located near the Mini Club. It’s smaller than a previous one, but there are already slides, mushroom, and dolphin flowing down the water. The indoor swimming pool is situated inside the SPA area. Its depth is 40 cm. A very nice facility for parents is the possibility of taking a few swim diapers for free in the beach towel collection point. The blue ones are in the 3/4 size, and the yellow ones – 5/6 size.


4) Mini Club: The place, where Bibi could spend the whole day 🙂 You can enter Mini Club (after calling by intercom) through the outdoor part surrounded by three buildings. In the first building, there’s a trampoline, a ball pool and a variety of toys, eg. kitchen set or blocks. In the second building, there’s a TV room. The third building is two-storeyed. On the ground floor, the various workshops take place, for example drawing or modeling with play dough. There are toilets next to the workshop room. Upstairs, children can take a nap in the bedroom. There’re a few beds available and there’s also a changing table for infants. Outdoor you can find a mini-reception of the Mini Club, in which the animators have the equipment to lead workshops, paints for making masks, and a computer they play music from. There are also toys like cars for riding, basketball court and tables with chairs. The child up to the age of three/four (depends, how independent they already are) can enter Mini Club only with the parent/guardian – however, you can count on the help of friendly animators. An elder toddler doesn’t have to be accompanied by a parent anymore. Last year the animators spoke Turkish, English, Russiam, Ukrainian and some of them even Polish and German. Here I’d like to greet Natalia, Oksana, Masha, and Kübra 🙂

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The little gift, Bibi has gotten from Animators before her departure

5) Playground: Nearby Mini Club you can find the outdoor playground. There’re common toys, such as sandpit, swings, slides or ponies.


6) Amusement park: Hotel has also mini lunapark available. You can find there, eg. Ferris wheel, train or carousel with horses. Kids attending to Mini Club go there with animators at 5:00 PM.



7) Other facilities:
– You can find changing tables at any “public” restroom of the hotel;
– You have a possibility to rent a baby stroller from the hotel’s reception for the whole stay of yours (I’m just warning, they’re older than the seat-strollers from shops, so they don’t have such steering wheels). Furthermore, you can ask, eg. about an additional blanket for your child, warm milk, or water with mint, lemon and honey (for sick guests and not only).


What to take for the journey?

As you’ve probably noticed before, there’s almost everything at VOYAGE SORGUN… Almost. Here’s the list what to pack into the luggage of your Toddler:

1) DIAPERS – seriously, take at least one package of disposable diapers (or the bag of reusable ones with washing agent). Pampers in local store is VERY expensive. It’s just a bit cheaper at the pharmacy cooperating with the reception. And the closest market like Migros is in Manavgat. In the last day I already knew, we don’t have enough diapers for the coming back way. The animators from Mini Club saved our day and gave us a few.

2) COSMETICS FOR BABY CARE – the hotel provides hair shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner and body balm… but for adults. Make sure, you took the cosmetics to wash, wet wipes and baby moisturizing cream.

3) SUN CREAM – same reason as in case of diapers.

4) CHANGING PADS – well… I think nobody wants to risk having their linens dirty and waiting the whole day for changing them. Furthermore, it’s much more hygienic, if you put your own pad on the changing table.

5) SUMMER AND “TRANSITIONAL” CLOTHES – I think, I don’t have to remind it, but… In Side, in October, the temperature reaches 30 degrees during the daytime. However, in the evening or while the rain it gets chilly. My daughter used to wear summer dresses during the day, but her pajamas had already long sleeves and trouser legs. Time to time you’ll surely take a part in some evening events and you’ll wish to dress up more elegant. And that’s completely ok – just remember to take something covering your shoulders 🙂

6) BEACH TOYS – very useful stuff! As I’ve mentioned before, in the local shop they’re very expensive and I don’t think, you would love to go to another town just to reach a market. And other kids usually don’t like to share 😉 So I highly recommend buying a set before a holiday.

And finally – contact:





The best period you can start reserving your room is December-January. You can find some interesting discounts then. The cheapest places are to reserve for May or October/beginning of November.




WORTH KNOWING: Voyage Hotels have their application for smartphones available on iOS and Android. You can find information, for example, about incoming events – when and where it takes place. You can faster reserve a table in the theme restaurant as well. Just type „Voyage Hotels” in the store on your phone and download the application.





5 thoughts on “Side, Turkey: Voyage Sorgun – hotel’s review

  1. Great informative post! I love how you went into great detail about all the great things for toddlers. As a mom of a toddler, you answered all my questions! Thanks for taking the time to put all this great info together 🙂

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  2. It’s my absolute Dream to visit Turkey someday! Guess it comes from reading all of Elif Shafak’s books and watching all Turkish dramas 🤭 Once I was at the Istanbul airport during a layover. I had so badly wanted to get out and explore the city! Love the write up! Xx

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