From “I’ll complain” series: AVM in Bursa

Have you ever had a day you were thinking, someone intentionally made your life harder? I felt like this coming back from holiday in Akçay.

Due to sudden hunger we stopped by a „Kent Meydanı” shopping mall in the centre of Bursa. We ordered iskender in a famous „Cemal & Cemil Usta” restaurant. After a dinner we had to change diaper of Bibi.

And here the story should end. Usually the parent goes to the restroom on the same floor, finds a nursery room (tur. Bebek Bakım Odası) and after a shorter or a bit longer waiting solves the case and exits.

Not this time! On the floor there were toilets for men, women, disabled people and there was even mescid (prayer room for pious Muslims). But there wasn’t any nursery room (and no, we couldn’t find any changing table in the toilet for people with disabilities). We were searching then on the lower floors. Unfortunately, everywhere was the same! We had a look out of restrooms – nothing!

Completely confused, I asked the lady from the security about the nearest nursery room. Now guess, where it was? Outside! Next to the main entrance. We decided to go there. We saw nearby a turquoise booth with an inscription „Bebek Bakım ve Emzirme Kabini” (in Turkish: Cabin for baby care and breastfeeding). We knew, it’s gonna be a paid service, so we even prepared a few liras. And here’s another surprise! Despite prepared coins, we didn’t enter there, cause you could only pay by BursaKart. Because we were only passing through Bursa, it was obvious, we didn’t have such a card.


We finally changed the diaper in our car. Unfortunately, it’s not the end of adventures. There wasn’t ANY trash bin around! I found it after 10-minutes walking next to metro station.

I realize, I’ll hear soon: So, what’s the problem? I finally solved the case in the car. So, now imagine, instead of me, a young mom with stroller came to the shopping mall. She lives around 15-20 minutes from AVM (tur. Alışveriş Merkezi – Shopping Centre) by walk. Or someone picked her up there by car. She doesn’t use public transportation often, that’s why she doesn’t have a BursaKart (as you could see on the website, there’s a possibility to buy a single paper ticket). She’s just paying for her shopping at one baby shop, when suddenly her little one calls her with a smelly case. A young mom must solve it as soon as possible, but she doesn’t know, there’s no nursery room in this shopping mall (let’s bet, her child doesn’t walk yet). She can’t change a diaper on the table in the restaurant – you all know, why. Much time will pass before she reaches this cabin outside. There’s no possibility to solve the problem on grass, because there’s no greenery outside (I don’t mention the fall/winter season). And before a young mom comes home, her baby will already cry like a hell – I’m not even talking about the results of prolonged wearing dirty pampers.

And what if suddenly the credit in BursaKart is gone? Before we get to metro from the shopping mall, and then return to the nursery room, at least twenty minutes will pass!

Just to be clear: I think, those public nursery rooms are a great idea! It’s nice to know, in case of baby’s hunger or another emergency situation, you have a possibility to go to the closest cabin and take care of your little one in a peace. As I’ve seen, they’re nicely decorated and regularly kept clean. However, in my opinion, the payment shouldn’t be limited to the BursaKart, but we should also be allowed to pay by cash – like in Istanbul parks, where, beside IstanbulKart, you can also put one lira to the machine.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania bursa emzirme kabini
Exemplary nursery room in Bursa. Source:

Furthermore, in case of shopping malls, those booths should be just an alternative, not the only place where parent can change diaper or breastfeed. Those buildings are too big to waste time for reaching the cabin and we all know, in this situation the time is important. Moreover, our child usually isn’t the only one, who needs to be fed or swaddled in the specific moment. Only the one who used to take care of baby will understand this 😉

Dear Parents, have you ever experienced any difficulties in childcare on holiday? Let me know in a comment or our Fanpage! 🙂



The author of the main picture: Hürriyet



6 thoughts on “From “I’ll complain” series: AVM in Bursa

  1. Traveling with kids is always a challenge, especially when they are so little. My kids are 9 and 11 now, and even when they were babies, those nursing rooms were not around like they are now. It would have been nice to have those available.

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  2. Wow! I’ve done my fair share of traveling but I have rat to travel outside the United States, yet alone the Western United States, with my son (now a toddler). I had no idea there were such rooms as Nursery Rooms. I am very intrigued. I have, though, been stuck in a similar situation where there was no changing table in sight. Out of desperation I ended up using my sweater as a changing pad on the floor. It was horrible.

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  3. As a mother who nursed and pumped with both of her kids, I could appreciate these rooms. I didn’t travel during those years, but would be horrified if I was not able to pump whenever I needed to, so I make sure that I make it as easy for working moms who choose to pump as possible. Thank you for this post.

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