Maltese shopping with Bibi


Today’s post will be directed to moms, daddies, aunts, uncles, grandmoms, grandpas who will soon take their Toddlers to Malta for holidays 🙂 It’s obvious, we want to pack everything needed for our Child, because we don’t know if we would find currently needed things in the shops abroad. However, our luggages don’t have an infinite bottom, so we must limit our packing to the standard 20 kg. This entry is written to help you with this task. I took the “Trolees” market in Bugibba under the workshop.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania trolees market bugibba

Baby jars and other meals

It doesn’t matter, if you feed your baby with ready meals or you try to cook and blend every dish, having previously purchased all the ingredients in special eco shops. Sometimes you need to heat the baby jar – it happens. In Malta the situation is similar to most of European countries. The most popular brands are Nestle and… Heinz 😉 There are smaller and bigger jars, adapted to age (below the age of one – eg. in Poland we can buy meals for babies after their first birthday as well). There are typical vegetarian lunches, there are various kinds of meat (even lamb, but this one I had to dilute with water, because it was very hard and dry), fish and also deserts, egg custards, fruits… Singly or in two-packs. The ingredients are rather simple.

Jars – Savoury



The only thing surprising me in the Maltese shop was, that the jars were 90 g (around 1), or 250 g (2 euro). The wasn’t any middle one weighing 200g – optimal for my Daughter that time. In this case, I had to give her two little meals or wondering, what to do with the rest of bigger lunch.



Oh, wait! There was something else… Desserts in packages! There weren’t only fruits there. They were also vegetables and even fruits mixed with veggies! Just look 🙂


The most common brand of baby porridges in Maltese markets is Nestle Cerelac in metal packages. They cost around 8 euro. They’re milky, so you just need a water to prepare. The taste is very pleasant and have a soft consistency. We’ve chosen the taste of tropical fruits 🙂


The number one in Malta was definitely the spring water with the taste of peach and apple by Heinz 🙂 The price is 2 euro. Firstly, I bought it for myself to try. It’s tasty, but not sweet, so you aren’t that thirsty anymore – Bibi liked it a lot!


Hygienic articles:

Generally, it’s the same situation like in every European country. You can easily find diapers from the most popular brands such as Pampers or Huggies. 40 pieces package number 4  costs from 10 to 13 euro – depending on the type. You can also buy orange Pampers Sleep and Play for 8 – but the capacity is smaller, than Active Baby. There’s a possibility to buy swimming diapers as well – Huggies 12 pieces cost between 5 and 6 euro (don’t use it as daily diapers – they don’t keep any pee at all). Baby wipes are around 1,50-2. I took a baby olive and rush cream from Poland, so I don’t remember, how much they were 😉 I recommend you to take changing pads with you – it’s difficult to find them in Malta.

Beside this, you can buy in Trolees: Chicco teats in double packs, pacifier pendants and anti-colic bottles.

What should you pack?

Changing pads – it was impossible to buy them in the market. We also didn’t find any hospital pads as an alternative. Shop assistant recommended us to go to pharmacy, but there aren’t as many pharmaceutical points as in Poland 😉

Clothes for EACH weather – I packed not only T-shirts with short sleeves, summer  dresses and shorts, but also warmer pajamas. Although afternoons outside were pretty hot, evenings were a bit cold for us. Why? Because the material the blocks are built from and also the floors covered with tiles make it quite chilly in the apartments. “Heating season” lasts maybe a few days, so from time to time, the house is warmed up by air conditioning. Don’t forget a cap as well!

Baby carrier – it’s useful during trips to islands. Areas are mountainous and here and there, so maybe you will want to leave a stroller in the apartment. Infant carrier can be very helpful.

Sun lotion 50+ – must have in Malta. Toddlers have much more sensitive and prone to burn skin than older children or adults.

Baby float – useful during water games. With proper supervision, your Baby can have as much fun in the water as adults. We’ve bought for Bibi a pontoon with a visor and ringing balls – like in the picture below 🙂


Today the currency of 1 EURO is:
4.15 PLN,
1.23 USD,
0.87 GBP,
1.17 CHF,
4.63 TRY,
35,85 UAH.

This is the last article from the Maltese cycle. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. After a short break I’m planning to start a Turkish plot. You can start following blog or like my fanpage on Facebook – then you won’t miss any article 😉




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