Just to say “Hi”…


Do you remember, while learning for exam  period you were able to find so many “responsibilities” which effectively distract you from opening your notes? Cleaning the whole apartment? Cooking for the next week? Watching missed seasons of „The Bold and the Beautiful”? 😉 I also know those little excuses making me postpone the most of my plans “for tomorrow”.

After giving birth to my Daughter the bad habit from my student times returned with a vengence. Bibi was my excuse for everything. For leaving a huge mess in my house (Bibi will wake up soon), for giving up the journalistic course I didn’t even start (I don’t have time because of Bibi), for extending our first flight abroad (isn’t it too early for Bibi?), and finally to start this blog (Bibi made me tired, I will have some rest)…

Comparing to exam period, travelling and blog aren’t obviously a bad obligation 🙂 However, just like learning, they are a challenge. Challenge showing if you’re able to overcome your internal blockades and give some effort to change your life, achieve something great and move forward. And no, my Dears, your children aren’t the blockade. The blockade are all the fears coming from your imagination. This is  the storm of advices from people “who know everything”. And finally, this is getting used to your current situation. Switching from childless mode to parent mode takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes you just don’t have enough power to make those first steps again (but with your Baby this time). However I needed to cure my Baby Blues and plenty of conversations with my beloved people to realize it…

This time it’s the end of excuses! Thanks to my Husband I’ve finally moved my bum. When Bibi was three months old, I took her passport, we went to Turkey (the motherland of my Spouse) and… We stayed there longer 😉 And then another flights began. Now it’s time for blog! My Husband is currently playing with Bibi and I am writing.

What will be this blog about? About children and travelling. About shopping, nice places to see, airlines, and sometimes just about the thoughts of a young Mom 🙂 I hope, I’ll convince you, with a little effort your Baby can become a great travel companion. I warmly invite everyone to my blog – also childless people 😉 I am sure, everyone will find something for themselves.


Finally, I have started it! Now it’s gonna be only better 😉



4 thoughts on “Just to say “Hi”…

  1. Having children surely changes our lives .. and using them as an occasional excuse not to do things, totally acceptable:) Here is a good saying, “Please excuse the house, the kids are making memories.” Enjoy life! Sounds like your blog will be fabulous between the parenting adventures and the travel adventures! Best of luck!

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